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HORTUS to be presented to the Farmers in UK


For the 15th time, ZETOR brand takes place at LAMMA, the most important exhibition in the UK. The visitors could be looking forward to the product portfolio of ZETOR tractors including the latest innovations HORTUS HS 65. Together with the UTILIX model range, this tractor was for the first time introduced in November, 2017 at AGRITECHNICA exhibition in Hannover, Germany. First customers will be able to receive their tractors in the March this year.

The LAMMA exhibition, which takes place on the British Isles, is among the most prestigious exhibitions in the UK with international importance. Apart from British farmers, it is visited by farmers from Ireland, Scandinavia and Benelux.

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“As ZETOR tractors Distributor, this exhibition is an important chance for us to present our ZETOR innovations and products to the farmers. Of course, it is a matter of prestige, but at the same time it is also means connection to our customers. On average, we usually receive high number of solid requests for our tractors, which are turned into sales within following weeks and months,” says Tibor Liška, Director, ZETOR UK Ltd., commenting on the significance of the exhibition.

The biggest event which was prepared by the British affiliation ZETOR UK is the introduction of the latest innovation – HORTUS HS 65 tractor.

The HORTUS model range is made up of two models: CL and HS. The tractors are equipped with a four-cylinder engine with the power of 67 hp. The tractors employ mechanic transmissions with 24 forward and 24 reverse gears. The HORTUS HS model is further equipped with the so-called Power Shuttle, i.e. reverser which can change travelling direction under load. Maximum speed of the tractors is 40 kph; these tractors are also equipped with the system of wet brakes. Two oil pumps provide the hydraulic circuit with flow capacity of 60 l/min. This tractor is also equipped with air-conditioning, which makes the work of the operator more comfortable, mainly during long and hard spells of work.

ZETOR has further extended its product portfolio by the new UTILIX model range. The heart of the new UTILIX tractors is the four-cylinder engine. UTILIX HT 45 has the power of 43 hp, while the more powerful UTILIX HT 55 has 49 hp. The tractors are equipped with three-stage hydrostatic transmission which enables the operator to control speed of the tractor with two gas and one brake pedal. Maximum speed of the tractor is 30 kph. The system of wet brakes makes the new tractor a safe working tool which meets the latest and strictest safety standards. The hydraulics of the Utilix is equipped with two oil pumps of total flow capacity of 52 or 56 l/min respectively. Such capacity is sufficient for work with front end loaders and other aggregations. Air-conditioning increasing the comfort of the operator is standard equipment for Utilix.

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“The new tractors are small and light; therefore, they are more easily controlled than bigger machines. They can be used not only in cultivation and gardening, but also in stables and other areas with limited space. Due to their manoeuvrability, they are also ideal for road maintenance,” adds Tibor Liška.

Customers can start ordering the tractors right now with the first tractors to be delivered in March 2018. The introduction of the UTILIX and HORTUS tractors extended ZETOR product portfolio to six models covering the power range from 40 to 160 hp.

“It is very positive that ZETOR extended its product portfolio by tractors with lower power. Thus, we are entering a new area in the market where we have to win our position. I understand it as a great opportunity and challenge,” says Tibor Liška.

Apart from the HORTUS HS 65 tractor, the ZETOR booth will offer tractors of the MAJOR, PROXIMA, and FORTERRA model ranges including front loaders within the ZETOR SYSTEM. The visitors can be looking forward to Special LAMMA Prices on the presented products.

“We don’t forget even about possible financing for the new tractors. For further information, you can contact the staff at the booth. You are all welcome to come; this year you can find us located at our traditional stand R20,” says Tibor Liška.

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