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Fishing and hunting – unusual situations which ZETOR tractors can handle not only in the new calendar


Fragile Beauty in Contrast to Powerful Machines – this year's calendars come from a limited edition of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. which are a must for every fan of the red machines. The calendars are on sales in two versions – the traditional product one and a more creative limited edition.

Both editions originated during mid-September in real locations around Brno, the hometown of the iconic red tractors. The limited four-page edition expresses – creatively and with slight exaggeration – where the power, dexterity, and durability of ZETOR tractors can be used. The stars of this year's hot news from the ZETOR – MAJOR stable in a new design are CRYSTAL HD, FORTERRA HD, and PROXIMA HS. The product twelve-page calendar is set in a real environment where ZETOR tractors find their use – all six model lines that ZETOR now offers in its portfolio can be seen day and night in meadows, fields, forests, and parks.

20181109_Kalendář 1

"ZETOR product calendar represents our current portfolio in real terrain where specific models can be used without any problems. With this concept we want to point out that ZETOR tractors are reliable machines for every situation and in a variety of activities," says Petr Konštacký, Sales and Marketing Director, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

20181109_Kalendář 2

The calendars have been made and edited by an acclaimed Slovak photographer, Martin Fridner, who has signed himself for the fourth time under this work. Model Andrea Zlesakova, who posed in the calendar last year, appears in the limited version of the calendar together with another two models, Anna Szopa and Aneta Kalousková, who pose as fisherwomen.

20181109_Kalendář 3

"The main theme of the calendar is the usability of tractors for the activities of our ladies in the countryside. As usual, we chose the motives with a great deal of hyperbole and exaggeration. The combination of women's beauty with the beauty of the local countryside and the elegance of powerful machines evokes the versatility of using tractors in real life," says the calendar photographer, Martin Fridner, to the intention behind the photos. "This time, it was neither a realistic montage nor work in the studio, but a real environment with a real photograph. The project was particularly demanding in terms of location, as we needed specific country types at a relatively small distance. I have to say that the surroundings of Brno surprised me with their natural diversity; it was also an instructive and inspirational journey for me," adds Fridner.

20181109_Kalendář 4

ZETOR calendars have a tradition – each copy is a desired collector's piece. Every year, they come out in two editions: in a limited one, which artistically links the beauty of women with the power of the machine, and in a product one that is focused on machines and their use. Moreover, expert juries also acknowledge the calendars. For example in 2015, the calendar for 2016 was awarded Fénix Content for photo production. The calendars for 2019 are on sale from today in ZETOR e-shop and at ZETOR authorized dealers.

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